Who we are

In the strategic context of the European development strategy, the company Karalius Group has set up the Spanish subsidiary in 2013, followed later by it’s Romanian branch, in 2015 in Bucharest. Those contracting entities dispose of an exhaustive range of IT consultancy skill set, available on local markets, which propose to the European clients of Karalius Group an offer of “nearshore” services, starting from 2016.

Our company was founded in August 2015 and our main objective consists of outsorcing the software development services provided to the European Karalius Group clients, which unfold their activity in Romania. Another fundamental objective for us is broadening our area of activities, managing to offer our services to other potential interested companies, based in Bucharest.

With a complete technological expertise and a certified team of specialists as our foundation stones, our main goal is to provide our customers and potential customers solutions tailored to their specific needs. This will give them the opportunity of achieving the best development objectives and the ability to coordinate their forthcoming development in a more systematic way.

The parent company, Karalius Group, is an independent French company, founded in 2001. It is specialized in engineering consultancy and computer technology. Both in France and at the international level, Karalius Group coordinates the big companies’ activity transformation, throughout the process of running development projects and by creating and optimizing the technological systems.

What we offer

Our company’s field of activity has three essential complementary directions:

• IT Consultancy

• Software Development

• IT Infrastructure management

We develop and implement professional solutions, suitable for our customers needs and businesses. The company assist its customers throughout the whole requested process and it helps them to benefit of the best value which their technological investments imply.

The solutions that we provide are based on efficiency and quality. This translates into a variety of advantages:

• Complementary competence directions, which cover all aspects of the computer system’s area, from data processing to information security.;

• A vast area of personalized services, adjusted to the specific activity of each and every customer;

• Methodological skills mixed with technical expertise, proximity to customers’ requirements, flexible services and commitments’ compliance;

• An organization based on knowledge and expertise sharing.

Our Values

Karalius Group culture and personality are defined by our core values. These guides our daily attitude and decisions.

• Commitment to our clients

We are committed to pay full attention to our customer’s needs, in order to understand the problems they are facing and their environmental factors. Clients who partner with us will benefit from professional guidance and the perfect solutions suited to the needs of their companies.

• Efficiency

We face new challenges with the help of a BLEND between two essential key factors: flexibility and speed, while guiding our processes with creativity, ingenuity and expertise. Promoting exceptional innovations is our way to adapt to the dynamic changes of the domain in which we activate. We are committed to support our customers, when it comes to implement new solutions appropriate to their needs, and allowing them a development defined by new technological horizons.

• Responsibility

The solutions we propose are designed to improve the economic performance of our customers. We want to establish a long lasting working relationship, mutually beneficial, based on the excellence of our services. Moreover, regarding our internal colleagues, we recruit and promote the best talents within our company, further supporting their evolutionary development. We promote a winning attitude among them.

• Team spirit

We guide our conduit by stimulating and harmonizing the company’s development, when it comes to the evolution of our employees, in order to improve the individual performance. Our goal is to instill and preserve Karalius Group mentality, from common objectives to knowledge and vision. We firmly believe that the spirit of cooperation can be maintained with the help of a proper communication system and mutual respect.