The consultancy field is enriched by capitalizing knowledge from different areas, using technological expertise and specialized teams. It promotes the optimization of companies’ interaction, and also the one between the specific infrastructure of different business fields and information systems.

Our initiative consists of providing complementary and targeted services, in order to optimize our clients’ capacity of quickly implementing the necessary changes to achieve the required performance and profitability objectives. From the perspective of operational efficiency, our consulting division is based on an organization that promotes the development of expertise, which it is essential for understanding the challenges that are faced by our clients.

The consulting experts, assigned to a sector or a functional area, are enabled to:

• Create and develop an expertise in the field, by being familiar with particular problems and factors involved in this field;

• Integrate and share the knowledge and expertise;

• Promote a vision in perspective;

• Provide efficient services of high quality.

IT applications

The applications department offers a well-defined area of services, including: software consultancy, information systems’ audit; design and integrating architecture (Web, SOA); choosing solutions and software applications; transformation and migration of information systems; methodology implementation (RUP, Agile, Extrême), analysis, design and development for software management and development of mobile applications.

Our software development team has gain experience with various technologies and programming languages as C #, Java (J2SE, J2EE), C++ and PHP.

We provide effective and comprehensive solutions, while coordinating our clients’ information system with the help of our complex assembly of solutions, dedicated to clients who want to capitalize their applicative heritage:

• assistance to project management;

• practical maintenance;

• applicative solutions;

• retro-documentation and retro-engineering.

The applicability pole expertise of Karalius Group combines both technical expertise and skills in areas including Finance, Insurance, Banking and Tourism.

The certified expertise of our consultants and engineers, as well as the understanding of domains’ specificity, ensure quality, scalability and the maintenance of the required services.

Our service culture

In order to provide effective and rapid solutions to technical and organizational processes that our customers experience, in a highly competitive market, we shaped and defined three fundamental principles, which coordinates the personnel outsourcing, in the context of our culture:

1. High standards of recruitment

Our approache is based on a strong collaboration between our internal recruitment team and other departments inside the company. The recruitment process is designed to meet our customers’ satisfaction and promotes the best profiles that matches both technical and social required skills set.

Our interviews’s main objective is the selection and promotion to the clients of the best talent pool of candidates based on each customer’s specific open roles. In order to achieve this goal we have designed a flexible recruitment process which reunites the technical validation with the social interaction, team spirit, flexibility and adaptability of each candidate.

2. Our company is a company whose projects are focused on its employees

Our career plans are structured in steps and there is a continuous multidisciplinary training which assures a vast knowledge base and shared by the team. This vision is designated to facilitate the communication cohesion within the company.

3. The proximity and the level of management’s quality

The proximity management offers the opportunity of coordinating the activities conducted by our professionals, in the environment in which they work. This type of management provides, in addition to the regular presence of the manager, assistance in fulfilling the most difficult aspects of the work. In addition to this, it provides measurable levels of quality for the requested services and it helps adapting technical and functional skills according to the companies’ needs.